Facile synthesis of Ca-(OH)2-Mg nanocomposite and its applications for the removal of manganese from drinking water: A pilot study

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1 Magalies Water, Scientific Services, Research & Development Division, Brits, South Africa

2 Magalies Water, Scientific Services, Research and Development Division, Erf 3475, Stoffberg street, Brits, 0250, South Africa

3 Department of Environmental, Water and Earth Science, Faculty of Science, Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, South Africa.


A pilot trial was performed in a potable water treatment plant that has a capacity of 16 ML/day. The aim was to determine the removal of manganese using mechanochemically synthesized Mg-(OH)2-Ca nanocomposite. The acquired results were underpinned by the state-of-the-art analytical instruments. Specifically, the trials were performed for 157 hrs using hydrated lime, periclase, and their nanocomposite individually. Key performance indicators were manganese, turbidity, electrical conductivity (EC) and pH. Results showed an increase in pH from ±7.46 to ≥7.5, ≥8.2, and ≥7.8 and EC from ±0.24 to ≥0.28, ≥0.57, and ≥0.58 mS/cm for hydrated lime, periclase, and their nanocomposite, respectively. Manganese was reduced from ±400 to ≤80 µg/L, ≤89 µg/L, and ≤54 µg/L for hydrated lime, periclase, and their nanocomposite, respectively. The NTU was reduced to ≤1 for all the chemicals but registering the following sequence; ≤0.40, ≤0.85, and ≤0.89, for hydrated lime ≥ nanocomposite ≥ periclase, respectively, from 6.45 NTU. Findings from this study demonstrated the capabilities of nanomaterials in increasing the pH of the product solution and attenuating manganese and turbidity to the required levels. Lastly, the material costs denoted R 6300.00 (323.98 USD)/week for the nanocomposite and this was cheaper when compared to individual materials. Interestingly, the nanocomposite denoted superior and cost-effective performance as compared to individual materials and will not only be a great success for the attenuation of manganese but also to other contaminants hence enhancing its ferocious versatility in water treatment.


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